STOP THE BLEED: Level 1 in Person Training

STOP THE BLEED: Level 1 in Person Training

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Level 1 In Person Training 4hr Class

January 31st 9am-1pm or 2pm-6pm


Holiday Inn Express

4550 W John Carpenter Fwy

Irving, TX 75063

The purpose of the STOP the BLEED class is to train the individual on trauma medicine tactics to treat arterial bleeding, gun shot wounds, sucking chest wounds, lacerations, and other common traumatic injuries. The use of the following medical devices/items will be addressed: application of a CAT tourniquet, use of an Emergency Trauma Dressing (ETD), application of chest seals, use of triangular bandages, use of the SWAT-T tourniquet, wound packing with compressed gauze, appropriate use of clotting agents, and more. 

This is a 4-hour class. Students will be responsible for their own meals and drinks. Cost of the class includes a North American Rescue TCCC Trainer Kit, which will be retained by the student. This allows the student to train their friends and loved ones with the same tactics and techniques after the class is completed.

BearFAK Individual First Aid Kits will be available at a reduced price for each student, should the student chose to purchase one.